I'm receiving too many phone calls from companies!

We want people who use our websites for comparison shopping to have a good experience, free of annoyances like too many phone calls.  

We're serious!  Each company who joins our network must pledge their commitment to full customer satisfaction, and must stop calling to solicit your business when asked. If not, they jeopardize all website visitors right to online privacy and the integrity of our entire comparison shopping network.

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Pick up the phone and politely ask to be removed from their contact list, but allow up to 24 hours for the change to take effect.
  2. If you have received a follow up email from a representative, reply back and asked to be removed from all contact lists.
  3. Call the company directly and ask to be removed from all contact lists.
  4. As a last resort when none of these solutions work, submit a trouble ticket for us and we will reach out directly to the company.

Although we recommend that companies refrain from using automatic dialing systems for sales calls, some do, and they will keep trying if you do not answer the phone.  They do this because they want to earn your business, but we know it can be annoying.

Remember, we (Lead Artisans, LLC) do not own, operate, manage, or otherwise direct the companies providing you with quotes.  We simply help people like yourself connect with quality companies who offer the products or services you desire.

If you feel that the phone calls from a particular company were truly excessive, please submit a trouble ticket and let us know the details.  We believe that the quality and integrity of our network is very important, and we do listen to all feedback!

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